Livro de Visitas

Karl Mols, M75, Germany [2008/08/13 09:19:46, IP:]

Dear Carlos Monteiro and the whole organizing crew! Please accept my congratulation on the outstanding job you have done in realizing WMOC 2008! I have enjoyed the many open races- organized like competitions ! - to get a feeling of the typical terrain etc. and later the quali- and final runs all showing very well designed courses requiring different techniques nearly between every control. I admit that I am not a friend of sprint races and I prefer to orienteer in the forest. This, however, is a matter of taste like the decision to choose between the many brands of wine we have tasted the whole week after WMOC when we had the time to visit the wider aereas around WMOC's terrains and also down to Lisboa. Thank you for having offered us such splendid orienteering holidays. Best regards - und auf Wiedersehen - Karl-Heinz Mols
Kari Sane, H60, Finland [2008/07/22 19:49:34, IP:]

WMOC 2008 was an excellent event. The terrains were very good, especially the final competition war splendid. The sprint competition was very interesting and the idea to have it mixed urban/forest combination was extremely good. I hope the sprint will stay in WMOC program also in future.
Best greetings to your kind and always smiling organisation.
Kari Sane
Birgitt Michel, W 60, Germany [2008/07/22 17:14:11, IP:]

Hallo, dear sportsmen/-women!
Thank you very much for a great event! Perfectly organized from the first invitation to the last farewell and further, with a great expert knowledge, a plenty of patience, a lot of kindness and so many affectionate details, p.e. different cultural informations on the backside of the maps extraordinary location for the banquet (unfortunately we didn´t took part).
My sister and I enjoyed very much the assambly- and competitionareas the friendly atmoshere, but allthough the cultural highlights in the surrounding.
Muito obrigada!
Nermin Fenmen, W50, TUR [2008/07/21 14:23:05, IP:]

I would like once again to thank all those who took part in organising this challenging event, an event which, as far as I could see, ran very smoothly and was very well organised. This is the first time I have taken part in such a large event and I will always remember WMOC'08 as a very challenging (particularly the terrain of Pedrogao:)) but extremely fruitful and happy experience.

I left Portugal with many pleasurable memories and enjoyed my stay in your beautiful country.

Many special thanks to Mariett who always gave prompt answers to my many e-mails before I came, to Isabel who allowed me to pick up my Sprint Final map although I had forgotten to bring my map card:), to (unfortunately I didn't ask his name) the chief organizer in the red hat and his wife in the trip to Obidos who took special care of me when it turned out I might need a lift from the Event Center to Marinha Grande bus station.

Love from Turkey,
Nermin Fenmen
Gitana Kazimieraitiene, W35, Lithuania [2008/07/14 20:02:44, IP:]

WMOC2008 in Portugal was not only significant event at forest routes - it was nice and memorize fiesta in our hearts. My first WMOC was full off joy, staffs warm smiles and new pleasure experiences.
Your organization job was gigantic and very successful !!!
Many thanks - Obrigado - Didelis Aciu !
With best regards from green and rainy Lithuania!
Paulo Vieira, M35, Portugal [2008/07/11 09:15:43, IP:]

Brilhante organização.
Mapas espectaculares com percursos interessantes...gostei dos inúmeros abastecimentos que se encontravam na floresta.
Agora, de certeza que a fasquia organizativa subiu bem alto.

Muito parabéns

Paulo Vieira
Enrique Zezynski, M45, Israel [2008/07/11 09:03:51, IP:]

It was my first WMOC experience, and it's going to be unforgettable, thanks to the great organization, the friendly and smiling volunteers and the warm attention we got everywhere in Portugal. Well done !!

Mário Santos, M45, Portugal [2008/07/10 18:39:05, IP:]

Um evento grande que foi um grande evento!
Foi emocionante poder participar como competidor nesta prova, no nosso país!
Excelente organização, excelentes terrenos, mapas e percursos, excelente tempo!
Enfim, nota máxima!

Saudações desportivas!

Mário Santos
Dunja van de Riet, W 40, Croatia [2008/07/10 18:10:58, IP:]

Great organization, great land, great weather. I enjoyed it very much. Obrigado.
Nick Barrable, M21, United Kingdom [2008/07/10 13:19:10, IP:]

Great Work. A Highly Memorable Event. Excellent Weather for it. A job well done.
Read all about WMOC08 in the UK O Mag,
HALLOUARD André, M55, Fra [2008/07/10 08:48:07, IP:]

Thank you!
It was great ! and was a very huge an extraordinary organisation and now we can SAY :orienteering in Portugal : SEA ,SUN and orienteering .
John Eriksson, M45, Sweden [2008/07/09 23:11:59, IP:]

Congratulations to and thanks for a wonderful week from me and my mother Ann-Gerd Eriksson W70

Obrigado e abra,cos!
Ueli Hofstetter, M50, Switzerland [2008/07/09 21:12:31, IP:]

Abrigado - my thank to all who were involved in the organisation of this wonderful WMOC'08! I like to remember fine and exact cards, great course setting, the smile of the staff member at the start, the cup of water onway in the competition, the fine people of Portugal ...we come again.

Ueli Hofstetter, Swiss S Team/ol.biel.seeland
Michel Aviron, M45, France [2008/07/09 18:47:54, IP:]

Thank you for these championships.
Congratulations to the organizers and to all the staff for its very high skill and for the quality of the reception.
Excellent memory of this week in Portugal for the beauty of the landscape and the kindness of the population.

Vitor Rodrigues, M50, Portugal [2008/07/09 18:43:55, IP:]

Tendo sido um dos privilegiados que usufruiu em pleno deste espectacular evento, quero aqui expressar o meu muito obrigado a todos os que se empenharam na sua organização.
Podemos ainda ser fraquitos na competição, mas em termos organizativos já estamos ao nível dos melhores do mundo.

Svein Solerød, M70, Norway [2008/07/09 14:18:53, IP:]

VWOC was en experience. Thank you for these days.
Everything were well organized and a great sucess.- (Even the weather!)
Will the nexst organizers manage to follow up??
Alexander Afonyushkin, M 40, Russia [2008/07/09 12:54:12, IP:]

Thank you!
Everything was fine!!!
Your organization was excellent! We had an opportunuty of running in the forest and enjoy the rest at the seaside!
We like everything very much!!!
Tio Rapakko, M65, Finland [2008/07/09 08:34:35, IP:]

Thank you!

Thank you very much for your WMOC 2008. You had organized ALL things very well. your staff was friendly and helpful. Terrains, maps and races were good, the area of Marindha Grande/Leiria was beautiful, clean and there are living kindly persons... and so on.

Timo Rapakko
Lounais-Hämeen Rasti
João Martins, M40, portugal [2008/07/08 23:59:55, IP:]

Foi um privilégio ter participado no wmoc 08 com uma equipa organizativa explendida(GRANDE REALIZAÇÃO).
Muito obrigado a todos
Guy Goodair, , ENG [2008/07/08 21:16:28, IP:]

On behalf of all the EPOC competitors could I please thank you for an excellent week's orienteering
Please convey to all concerned how much we were impressed with the friendliness and help from all the staff at the event
kind regards
Guy Goodair

Ferran Santoyo Medina, M35, Spain [2008/07/08 21:14:17, IP:]

Apreciados amigos Augusto y Carlos:

Muchas felicidades por la perfecta organización y gran éxito del WMOC 2008. Muchas horas de trabajo y dedicación para todos, pero que son bien empleadas cuando el resultado final es tan excelente y adecuado. Ahora a descansar, vosotros y vuestro equipo de responsables y voluntarios lo teneis bien merecido.

Un abrazo y de nuevo, felicitaciones por este WMOC tan bonito.

Ferran Santoyo Medina
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