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Timo Teinila

Timo Teinila, WMOC speaker

[Portugal will be the 3rd WMOC in a row that Timo Teinila will comment, after Austria (photo Markus Plohn) and Finland.]

Why do you think you were invited to come as a speaker to WMOC'08? Have you been to Portugal before?
Yes, I have been in Portugal before, once on holidays in Algarve, and a few times on business in Lisbon. I guess I was asked to join the commentator team because of my language skills and passion for this kind of "work". I try to do a good job.

What are the main memories you have from your work last year in Kuusamo (WMOC'07)? Are there any special moments you remember?
I have been only very few times in the North of Finland (yes, I know it is unforgivable), so I really enjoyed the serenity, long days and overall scenery of Kuusamo. Outside orienteering, the reindeers and watching the ski jumping event were memorable. The speaker/commentator work was great, and made very easy by a great team and technology.

When did you start working as a speaker? What main events have you commented on?
My first event as a speaker was at FIN 5 in 2004 near my home. I got interested in commentating at orienteering events because my knee and tendon constrain my training so I cannot compete very actively. I have been twice in the commentator team in FIN 5 and also twice at the Jukola Relay, the world's biggest orienteering relay and a real pilgrimage. I also was in the commentator team at the WMOC 2006 in Austria as well as last year.

As an orienteer, when did you start orienteering and where have you experienced the best moments? Can you tell us any curious story?
As a teenager, I did track and field athletics, so I did not do much orienteering before I was 24 years old. I never achieved great orienteering results, but I have learned to love the sport. One of my best orienteering memories is from a two-day Mountain Orienteering event in North England in 1992, the Karrimor Mountain Marathon. I ran there with a Swiss lady (Cornelia Muller), and thanks to her skill and stamina we did well. The event was memorable, because it was at the end of October, and we had to camp in snow, and even the British organisers called the weather appalling, which really says something.

What do you expect from WMOC'08? What is your working plan (as a speaker) to this event? Probably you will speak English and Finnish. Any other language?
I expect from WMOC2008 a wonderful week filled with a lot of activity, new acquaintances and friends as well as meet old friends. I hope that I can contribute to a great atmosphere that the whole organising team has worked very hard for. I will prepare myself by studying start lists and previous WMOC results. I also hope I can visit some of the competition areas beforehand to familiarise myself with the terrain. I speak Finnish and German as mother tongues, my English is close to that level, and my Swedish is very fluent. I also speak French and Spanish, and I have tried to learn enough Russian to read results and weather forecasts. However, it will be important to not to lose focus by trying to do things in too many languages.

Before coming to Portugal, maybe you have read something about this country and its history. Have you discovered any wonderful or strange thing? (It can be only a mere curiosity.)
I was always interested in geography, so as a youngster I read a lot about Fernão de Magalhães. In the 80's, Carlos Lopes was a great competitor against Finnish long distance runners, and fortunately, he won his highly deserved gold medal in the Los Angeles Olympic marathon. Needless to say, as a Swiss (from my mother's side) I hope my countrymen will do well at the European football championships, but your national team is really good. So if the Swiss don't win, I hope it is Portugal who take the European football championship this year. You also have many great wines, not only Porto, but also Moscatel de Setubal and for example the wines from the Dao region. I hope to taste them this summer.

(Interview by Manuel Dias. Questions and answers by e-mail. Received on 2008 Jun 11th, i.e. four days before the 2-0 victory of Switzerland over Portugal...)

[2008-06-20] Carlos Monteiro, WMOC Event Director

[2008-06-20] Dieter Wolf, M55, SUI

[2008-06-19] Timo Teinila, WMOC speaker

[2008-06-19] Jorge Simões, WMOC Event Director assistant

[2008-06-18] Blair Trewin, M35, AUS

[2008-06-18] Mariett Matias, WMOC Media responsible

[2008-06-17] David May, WMOC Senior Event Advisor

[2008-06-16] Gottfried Tobler, M60, AUT

[2008-06-16] Tuulikki Salmenkylä, W45, FIN

[2008-06-16] Arvo Majoinen, M80, FIN

[2008-06-14] Fernando Costa, WMOC Marketing responsible

[2008-06-13] Sarah Dunn, W40, GBR

[2008-06-12] Santos Sousa, WMOC planner

[2008-06-11] Sigurd Daehli, M55, NOR

[2008-06-10] Alexandre Reis, WMOC mapper and planner

[2008-06-09] Nick Duca, M40, CAN

[2008-06-07] Tiago Aires, WMOC mapper and planner

[2008-06-06] Irina Stepanova, W55, RUS

[2008-06-05] Luís Sérgio, WMOC mapper

[2008-06-04] Ari Kattainen, M50, FIN

[2008-06-03] Rui Antunes, WMOC Mapping coordinator

[2008-06-02] Jon Musgrave, M45, GBR

[2008-05-31] Jacinto Eleutério, WMOC Course coordinator

[2008-05-30] Rune Carlsson, M70, SWE

[2008-05-29] Åke Jacobson, IOF President

[2008-05-29] Augusto Almeida, POF President

[2008-05-28] Jurate Uleviciene, W55, LIT

[2008-05-26] Vladimir Ioffe, M70, ISR

[2008-05-23] José Fernandes, M45, POR

[2008-05-21] Ezio Paris, M55, ITA

[2008-05-19] Gabriella Györffy, W40, HUN

[2008-05-16] Alberto Minguez, M40, ESP

[2008-05-14] Tomas Zdrahal, M55, CZE

[2008-05-12] Paulo Becker, M45, BRA

[2008-05-09] Ingrid Roll, W70, NOR

[2008-05-07] Jerzy Parzewski, M55, POL

[2008-05-05] Hugh Moore, M60, AUS

[2008-05-02] Martin Checkley, M55, GBR

[2008-04-30] Etienne Bousser, M60, FRA

[2008-04-28] Andreas Grote, M40, SUI

[2008-04-24] Liudmila Labutina, W65, RUS

[2008-04-22] Freddy Sillien, M60, BEL

[2008-04-17] Tomislav Kaniski, M35, CRO

[2008-04-14] Eero Tuuteri, M85, FIN

[2008-04-10] Lena Nordahl, W80, SWE

[2008-04-07] Albano João, M45, POR

[2008-04-03] Tom A. Karlsen, M55, NOR

[2008-03-31] Kayoko Sakai, W55, JPN

[2008-03-27] Finn Arildsen, M45, DEN

[2008-03-24] Anne Nurmi, W45, FIN

[2008-03-20] Peo Bengtsson, M75, SWE

[2008-03-17] Alida Abola, W50, LAT

[2008-03-13] Matti Railimo, M60, FIN

[2008-03-10] Cornelia Eckardt, W35, GER

[2008-03-06] Joaquim Sousa, M35, POR

[2008-03-03] Birgitta Olsson, W75, SWE

[2008-02-20] J. Salmenkylä, M75, FIN

[2008-02-18] Torid Kvaal, W65, NOR

[2008-02-15] Mykola Bozhko, M55, UKR

[2008-02-13] Pavlina Brautigam, W45, USA

[2008-02-11] Ferran Santoyo, M35, ESP

[2008-02-08] Sole Nieminen, W80, FIN

[2008-02-06] Stefano Galletti, M40, ITA

[2008-02-04] Gillian Ingham, W50, NZL

[2008-02-01] Jörgen Mårtensson, M45, SWE

[2008-01-30] Tom Hiltebrand, M50, SUI

[2008-01-28] Baiba Ozola, W40, LAT

[2008-01-25] Eddie Harwood, M55, GBR

[2008-01-23] Marje Viirmann, W45, EST

[2008-01-21] Alexander Afonyushkin, M40, RUS

[2008-01-18] Paulina Majova, W55, SVK

[2008-01-16] Björn Linnersjö, M65, SWE

[2008-01-15] Lillian Røss, W85, NOR

[2008-01-10] Tapio Peippo, M55, FIN

[2008-01-07] Elizabeth Brown, W90, GBR

[2008-01-04] Erkki Luntamo, M90, FIN

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