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Between Jan 4th and Jun 20th, we published 76 interviews – 61 competitors from 30 countries, 13 WMOC'08 officials, and the IOF and POF presidents. The English version represents 226 pages, 108,858 words and 612,821 characters. More important than the amount of words are the real life stories and the memory of events: the first WOC (1966), the first O-ringen (1965), the first Jukola (1949), the Midnattssolgaloppen, Russian Azimuth, Swiss O Week, Bohemia 5 Days, Scottish 6 Days, Slovenian Ocup, etc., rogaining, old maps in a scale 1:42000, medallists from WOC, WMOC and ski-0. People as well known as Erkki Luntamo, Juhani Salmenkylä, Peo Bengtsson or Jörgen Mårtensson, people as far away as from the USA and Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. We were looking for some of the best competitors but also the best stories, and we think we reached our main goals in this project. Any “injustices” in selecting people to interviews or lack of correct questions, all English mistakes – are entirely my personal fault.

Manuel Dias

Carlos Monteiro[2008-06-20] Carlos Monteiro, WMOC Event Director
Orienteers are asked to reach the arenas till 8:00 to avoid traffic jams. Pre-start (-15) in Sprint races. The idea of this WMOC was born in Norway, grew up in Italy and benefited from the experience in Austria and Finland. Short ceremonies and 22 radio stations linked from the terrain to the speakers and the giant screen. Results updated each 15 minutes.

Dieter Wolf[2008-06-20] Dieter Wolf, M55, SUI
He got silver in WOC Relay 1972 and won WMOC events in 1999 and 2001. In WMOC 2000, being 51 years old, he ran M35 and finished 10th. After Portugal he will run Slovenian OOCup in M21Elite. He trains 25 hours a week!

Timo Teinila[2008-06-19] Timo Teinila, WMOC speaker
He will comment the 3rd Masters in a row, after Austria and Finland. He also commented on Fin5 and Jukola. He speaks 6 languages and a half, but he will not lose focus by using so many.

Jorge Simões[2008-06-19] Jorge Simões, WMOC Event Director assistant
One year ago, he drove 5,000 km in 4 days until Kuusamo, in Finland, to promote the WMOC'08. Now, among the social programme, he highlights the official banquet in Alcobaça Monastery. His house is an extension of POF headquarters.

Blair Trewin[2008-06-18] Blair Trewin, M35, AUS
He ran his first Elite race when he was 15 and now, at 36, he still runs in this class. He remembers a World Cup when he confused adversaries by running to a wrong control. He talks about WMOC 2009 and about his work as a climate change research scientist.

Mariett Matias[2008-06-18] Mariett Matias, WMOC Media responsible
She was born in The Netherlands 26 years ago. When she talks about competitors and team leaders, it seems she knows everybody. She sent 200 e-mails during one night. In the end of August she goes to China with Portuguese Paralympic Mission.

David May[2008-06-17] David May, WMOC Senior Event Advisor
Mispunch (mp), help during races, following - three delicate questions answered with authority. The IOF SEA made 4 official visits to WMOC areas. In June 2006 he confirmed the world class of the terrain and he knew that the organization was in good hands.

Gottfried Tobler[2008-06-16] Gottfried Tobler, M60, AUT
He retired in 2003 and spent the next 3 years concentrating solely on organizing WMOC 2006, as the event director. With his team of 250 people he contacted about 1000 forest owners. His wife and daughter will also compete in Portugal.

Tuulikki Salmenkylä[2008-06-16] Tuulikki Salmenkylä, W45, FIN
She won the gold medal in W35 in New Zealand 2000, but in last years she had a very disturbing health disorder. Nevertheless, she finished 4th in Italy and 11th in Canada and Austria. She looks forward to try Portuguese seafood.

Arvo Majoinen[2008-06-16] Arvo Majoinen, M80, FIN
Gold medal in Finland, he started orienteering in 1947. In Jukola 1954 he brought his team to first position in third leg. In 1992, after WMOC in Australia, he spent 5 days in Fidzi. In a humorous race happened something very strange with control 8...

Fernando Costa[2008-06-14] Fernando Costa, WMOC Marketing responsible
The events organized by his club often have media coverage unusual in Portugal. One part of the secret is the "godfather" he chooses for each event and the "right" model of "show off", as he did in every park of Porto.

Sarah Dunn[2008-06-13] Sarah Dunn, W40, GBR
She won the bronze medal in WMOC 2006, but still competes in Elite class in Scotland. She enjoys running in sand dune terrain and has trained in Marinha Grande in 2001. Planning courses is a good job for her and Slovenia a good orienteering destination.

Santos Sousa[2008-06-12] Santos Sousa, WMOC planner
He planned the 57 courses of Long Qualifying 2 to this WMOC. He was Iberian Champion (Vet 1) for 7 times and Absolute National Champion in 2006. He attended 10 Military WOC, ran an unforgettable Jukola and recuperated 8 min in a military relay.

Sigurd Daehli[2008-06-11] Sigurd Daehli, M55, NOR
Relay World Champion in 1981 and bronze medal in Classic Distance 1983, he won WMOC 3 times and shone in Jukola, Tiomila, NOC and Blodslitet. In Portugal he will fight for 2 medals. His son Magne can be a World Champion in 3-5 years.

Alexandre Reis[2008-06-10] Alexandre Reis, WMOC mapper and planner
He made the maps for the 3 Long Model Events and planned Sprint Qualifying. In 10 years he produced about 100 maps. He attended 2 WOC, 2 WMTBOC and 12 CISM. Jukola and O-Ringen were unforgettable experiences.

Nick Duca[2008-06-09] Nick Duca, M40, CAN
He was born in Romania and lives in Canada. Competing for both national teams, he ran 11 WOC since 1991. And, this year, he will run Czech WOC after Portuguese WMOC. He gives a good image from Canadian orienteering.

Tiago Aires[2008-06-07] Tiago Aires, WMOC mapper and planner
He made, for Sprint, the 2 maps and planned the Final. He organises training camps for young people and founded a club sensation in a small village. He attended 1 JWOC and 4 WOC, but will miss Olomouc because of an injury.

Irina Stepanova[2008-06-06] Irina Stepanova, W55, RUS
She won WMOC in Finland and wants to win in Portugal, where she never has been. Her main adversary is herself, her nerves. Soviet champion for 13 times, she loves to swim in the icy water and will see the ocean for the first time.

Luís Sérgio[2008-06-05] Luís Sérgio, WMOC mapper
He produced the LD Final map in Pedrógão and recommends the use and abuse of the compass. In 5 years he mapped 200 km2. He attended 4 WOC and 4 CISM. His son (soon turning 6) did his first orienteering course without supervision.

Ari Kattainen[2008-06-04] Ari Kattainen, M50, FIN
Silver medal in WOC Relay 1989, he won WMOC 2007 and finished 2nd in 1999 and 3rd in 2004. Last February, against competitors 10 years younger, he won M40 in a terrain similar to WMOC. He thinks Finns can get all medals in M50.

Rui Antunes[2008-06-03] Rui Antunes, WMOC Mapping coordinator
He made the map for the 2 Long Qualifying races and planned the Long Final courses. He had great experience in pinewood sand dunes and recommends a lot of navigation based on compass and permanent map reading. He has contacts to map abroad.

Jon Musgrave[2008-06-02] Jon Musgrave, M45, GBR
Silver medal in WOC 1993, his best race ever was in Jukola 1995: he pushed his team from 212th to 18th place in 2nd leg. He won WMOC 1997 (USA), was 2nd in 1999 (Denmark), 3rd in 2002 (Australia) and 4th in 2006 (Austria).

Jacinto Eleutério[2008-05-31] Jacinto Eleutério, WMOC Course coordinator
3 mappers and 5 course planners prepared the 5 official races. 715 controls there will be on the terrain for 348 different courses. Current and former national champions in the team for controls' placement. SE Advisor did a good job.

Rune Carlsson[2008-05-30] Rune Carlsson, M70, SWE
He got 2 gold medals in WMOC (Italy 2004, Finland 2007), ran Tiomila 42 times and competed in 56 countries, including China. Ran Stockholm Marathon in 3h03 when he was 58 years old. He is vegetarian and worked as a typographer.

Åke Jacobson[2008-05-29] Åke Jacobson, IOF President
To reach the Olympics implies more visibility. We must have a 'product' that can sell and more attractive to those who do not themselves participate. Masters orienteers must make their voice heard: the IOF wants to make the WMOC as popular as possible to participants, spectators, media, and the general public.

Augusto Almeida[2008-05-29] Augusto Almeida, POF President
The first proposal to this WMOC also included Middle Distance. In the last 6 years 60 new clubs appeared in Portugal and the number of events came from 30 to more than 100. There are good young orienteers. After WMOC and WMTBOC, other international events can be held in Portugal not in a very far future.

Jurate Uleviciene[2008-05-28] Jurate Uleviciene, W55, LIT
Her training is a 15-20 min jogging every morning with husband and dog. She got 6th place in Austria and only hopes to run fluently the A Final in Portugal. Her husband finished 3rd in Canada and a good race for him is 1st leg in Jukola.

Vladimir Ioffe[2008-05-26] Vladimir Ioffe, M70, ISR
He was younger than 30 when he discovered orienteering in Russia. Nowadays, 70 years old, he runs in Israel the same courses as H55 and W40. After Italy, Austria and Finland, he hopes to enter at last to A Final in the Portuguese WMOC.

José Fernandes[2008-05-23] José Fernandes, M45, POR
He only has been in Austria 2006 and qualified to A Final. His most delicious victory was in POM 2007 against Jörgen Mårtensson. Iberian champion in Long and Middle Distance, he asks Portuguese planners to do harder courses.

Ezio Paris[2008-05-21] Ezio Paris, M55, ITA
This time, the interviewer is a previous interviewed. And the interviewed is the Italian Federation's president. There are some private jokes. And the new: in Mezzocorona the men compete bravely... but their wives win the titles.

Gabriella Györffy[2008-05-19] Gabriella Györffy, W40, HUN
In Austria A Final, she reached another Hungarian lady starting 2 min before, but she left her run away. The other finished gold medal! Nowadays, without time to train, she comes to Portugal just for fun. Her best race was a sprint.

Alberto Minguez[2008-05-16] Alberto Minguez, M40, ESP
University teacher, we won 3 medals in the last Spanish Championships and did better than Portuguese in Iberian Champ. After 2 WOC events, this is his first WMOC. He wants to be in the podium... not here but in 6 Days of France.

Tomas Zdrahal[2008-05-14] Tomas Zdrahal, M55, CZE
After 2 hours orienteering, he's drinking a beer; in rogaining, after 2 hours running, he has more 22 to run. Forget what you are doing and spend 10 minutes smiling with Tomas, who started his "altitude training" in a beach at Dead Sea.

Paulo Becker[2008-05-12] Paulo Becker, M45, BRA
South-American champion, he is the president of COSM, the oldest orienteering club in his country who organized 5-Day event in 2006, with Mårtensson and other 150 European. He talks about terrains from Amazon to Rio Grande do Sul.

Ingrid Roll[2008-05-09] Ingrid Roll, W70, NOR
She won WMOC 2001 and 2007, but her best event was in 1986 when she really understood the map for the first time. At her age, you must be allowed to eat and drink what you want. Special hope for July: to be able to go in the salt water for swimming.

Jerzy Parzewski[2008-05-07] Jerzy Parzewski, M55, POL
He ran Marathon in 2h42 and in last November won an ultra long mountain race with almost 10 hours in 2 stages. For 2009 he has a challenge of 240 km. Competed in Elite till 45 years old and this season is running M50. Got 4th in Austria WMOC.

Hugh Moore[2008-05-05] Hugh Moore, M60, AUS
Someone told me that Hugh is one of 10 strongest characters in whole orienteering world. It must be true. Since 2003 he comes to Europe every summer and refuses to be helped during races. He wrote historical novels and learnt Swedish.

Martin Checkley[2008-05-02] Martin Checkley, M55, GBR
In 1998, he and Judith sold their house in UK, bought a van and decided to travel the world for a while. Stopped in Spain. They are retired and happy with this way of life. They meet friends, find savage paradises and, in June, join WMOC staff.

Etienne Bousser[2008-04-30] Etienne Bousser, M60, FRA
Since 1976 till 1989 he ran 7 WOC in Elite. Won 5 Days de l'Aveyron 2005, Scottish 6 Days 2007 and Portugal 'O' Meeting 2008. Met Gueorgiou when he was 9 years old. His son Sébastien Bousser also comes to WMOC to compete in M35.

Andreas Grote[2008-04-28] Andreas Grote, M40, SUI
He ran 39 races last summer. In 1988 came to Portugal for the first time and ran I Martin Kronlund Trophy in Spain. The worst and the perfect race were on the same map in France, 20 years later. Best events: WOC 1993 in USA, Swiss O Week 2006.

Liudmila Labutina[2008-04-24] Liudmila Labutina, W65, RUS
Her best WMOC was Spain 1996. She did good Qualifying in 2004, 2006 and 2007 but spoiled A Finals. In winter WMOC 2003 she broke a fastening on the ski and finished 3rd. Winner in Norway, Belgium, Czech Rep., Hungary and Turkey.

Freddy Sillien[2008-04-22] Freddy Sillien, M60, BEL
He ran half-marathon in 1h09 and 10.000m in 31 min. Won 5 Days of France in 2000 and was 15th in Norway WMOC 2003. Several times champion of Belgium, he has a worthy successor on his son Nicolas, almost so good as Fabien Pasquasy.

Tomislav Kaniski[2008-04-17] Tomislav Kaniski, M35, CRO
He will never forget the WOC relay 1995 in Germany: 2 men, 1 girl and the coach aged 46. They caught the Slovenian team, after be loosing 35 minutes. The "girl", living now in Netherlands, also comes to Portuguese WMOC.

Eero Tuuteri[2008-04-14] Eero Tuuteri, M85, FIN
He did his first race in 1942 with rubber boots and soldier's uniform, a couple of kilometres from front line of the war. Backing 20 years after, he made all mistakes of a beginner. Best memory: Swiss O Week 1975. This is our shortest interview.

Lena Nordahl[2008-04-10] Lena Nordahl, W80, SWE
Lena and Arne met on a training camp in 1949 and... got married. He won the Masters in Australia 1992; she won in Lithuania 2001. Their son, Per Nordahl, was Swedish champion. Arne comes to Portugal with a special task: control nr. 8.

Albano João[2008-04-07] Albano João, M45, POR
As a junior, he ran in athletics the 1500m in 3.52 and the 800m in 1.56. Nowadays, he trains 24 athletes, including some adversaries. He wants to correct the results of Spain and Norway, where he missed A Final by 2 places.

Tom A. Karlsen[2008-04-03] Tom A. Karlsen, M55, NOR
He has been training since he was 10 years old. Won 3 WM (1997, 2000 and 2002) and was 3rd in Norway, 4th in Italy and 2nd in Austria. He won all races in 2002. Preparing to Portugal, he will go to Denmark to compete in sand dunes.

Kayoko Sakai[2008-03-31] Kayoko Sakai, W55, JPN
Because there are few ladies orienteering in Japan, she competes there in M55, her best rival is her husband. She experienced a beautiful story with "muikut" last year in Finland. To prepare the Portuguese WMOC she's training a lot... her English.

Finn Arildsen[2008-03-27] Finn Arildsen, M45, DEN
The father of Condes explains how, more than 20 years ago, invited to set a course, he decided to use his PC. Answers specific questions about "Condes 8" and defines himself as a "recreational orienteer". His best race: Midnattsolgaloppen 1987.

Anne Nurmi[2008-03-24] Anne Nurmi, W45, FIN
Began orienteering when she was 6 years old, she got 2nd place in WMOC 1999 and 2003 and has always been in Top10 in last five years. She was 2nd in Jukola and 3rd in Tiomila. Her husband, Veli-Pekka Nurmi, won last Fin5 and got 8th in Finland WMOC.

Peo Bengtsson[2008-03-20] Peo Bengtsson, M75, SWE
He practices since 1948. In 1965 he created 5 Days O-Ringen which had 23 000 competitors in 1985. His WWOP organizes tours everywhere. He competed in 89 countries and promoted orienteering in half of them. He tells many stories.

Alida Abola[2008-03-17] Alida Abola, W50, LAT
Bronze medal at WOC 1989, she won WMOC 2004 and 2005. Ran Marathon in 3h12 and practices adventure races and mountain climbing. Grandmother of 2 nice girls, she doesn't worry so much about results. Her heroine still is Annichen Kringstad.

Matti Railimo[2008-03-13] Matti Railimo, M60, FIN
His first Jukola was in 1964 and he ran this relay about 30 times. Attended 8 WMOC events and won Canada 2005. He tries to avoid rain because of the glasses. Ran 2 events in Portugal last February. Favourite food: pepper steak.

Cornelia Eckardt[2008-03-10] Cornelia Eckardt, W35, GER
She trains in Dresden looking at maps from Portugal. Won Canada WMOC and got 5th in Italy and Austria. As Elite runner got 9th in World Univ. Champs and 25th in a World Cup race. She is an engineer and plays piano. Best event: SOW 2006.

Joaquim Sousa[2008-03-06] Joaquim Sousa, M35, POR
37 years old, he's trying to qualify also to WOC, where he already ran 14 races, the best being last Sprint in Kiev. Only attended one WMOC, Austria 2006: got 18th place and won unofficial Sprint. Regrets the absence of the Portuguese athletes Mário Duarte and Santos Sousa (organisers).

Birgitta Olsson[2008-03-03] Birgitta Olsson, W75, SWE
She won WMOC five times, including 2007, but the most special victory was in 1998: she won in W55, her sister in W65 and her nephew in M40. In 70’s she did a career in Elite, winning 2 medals in WOC 1972. Never drinks beer, wine sometimes.

J. Salmenkylä[2008-02-20] J. Salmenkylä, M75, FIN
First WOC was in 1966 and first athlete starting was... Juhani Salmenkylä. Ran Jukola more than 50 times: in 1st edition 1949, he was not allowed to run because he was "too young", but in 2007 he wasn't too old. This is a historic interview!

Torid Kvaal[2008-02-18] Torid Kvaal, W65, NOR
Shared 1st place in Finland with Birgitta Olsson. In last autumn did an unforgettable travel with WWOP: 3 weeks in buses, 13 countries and 25 races. Comes to Portugal every 2 years since 2001, and just won POM in Algarve, 2 weeks ago.

Mykola Bozhko[2008-02-15] Mykola Bozhko, M55, UKR
He got 2nd place in Austria and 4th in Finland. Since 1976 run 1100 competitions and covered 125,000 Km on trainings. In 1980 run a 10.2 km race in 38.50. His wife Tetyana won in EUA 1997 and was elected president of Ukrainian Orienteering Federation.

Pavlina Brautigam[2008-02-13] Pavlina Brautigam, W45, USA
She was running in Bulgarian team, Joe in USA team. They were married at the WOC banquet in 1993, in front of hundreds of orienteers and friends. Together, they were Rogaining Masters champions and, with two daughters, run relays in same team.

Ferran Santoyo[2008-02-11] Ferran Santoyo, M35, ESP
F. S. Medina has run 100 km several times and also races 24 hours non stop. He is the Orienteering Coaches Spanish School's director. Wrote 2 books and dozens of articles. Talks about Ikonen and Thierry. Has been in the biggest international events.

Sole Nieminen[2008-02-08] Sole Nieminen, W80, FIN
She won last WMOC by 6 minutes, but the best season was 2003: won WMOC, ski-WMOC and 5 medals in Finnish championships. In USA 1997, she heard of wolfs and bears, felt an animal following her, ran quick and got a silver medal.

Stefano Galletti[2008-02-06] Stefano Galletti, M40, ITA
Stegal67 wrote 500 reports to FISO site, is a praised event speaker and he has a blog. Bachelor in astrophysics, banking professional and chess champion, he ran 2 races with first start at the same time, one in Italy, other in Switzerland. And he has a dream...

Gillian Ingham[2008-02-04] Gillian Ingham, W50, NZL
Gillian and Malcolm, awarded Coaches of the Year 2006 in New Zealand, are parents of Lizzie Ingham, a world level junior. We asked them a typical weekly training plan, they recommend regularity and propose a "sausage session" on Tuesday.

Jörgen Mårtensson[2008-02-01] Jörgen Mårtensson, M45, SWE
In 90's he had been World champion or vice-champion for 8 years in a row. He won O-ringen, Jukola and Tiomila several times. His name is a legend. Competed in more than 90 countries. Three months ago, his PWT organised in Africa "4 nations in a day".

Tom Hiltebrand[2008-01-30] Tom Hiltebrand, M50, SUI
He was trainer for Swiss Elite-Team and won Austria WMOC 2006. Prefers terrains apt to use his running-speed and elects two events: Jukola (orienteering) and Sierre-Zinal (running). Doesn't believe in heroes, but in physical, technical and mental preparation.

Baiba Ozola[2008-01-28] Baiba Ozola, W40, LAT
She won Latvia championships when she was 39. European champion of rogaining and bronze medal in ski-O. Good stories with a reptile, smog, relays and Simone. She loves Sprint but will not run it in Portugal. She's also a champion... in sense of humour!

Eddie Harwood[2008-01-25] Eddie Harwood, M55, GBR
He did 8 races in a week, including 5 in mountains with average distance 30 km and more than 2000m climbing. The most perfect competition was Scottish 6 Days 2003. As best events he elects: VWC Tasmania 1992, VWC USA 1997, Swiss O Week 2006.

Marje Viirmann[2008-01-23] Marje Viirmann, W45, EST
Elite champion of ex-USSR in 1986, won silver medals in two last WMOC events, Austria and Finland. She has run several times Tiomila and Jukola. In 2008, she wants to win in Portugal and get a good result in 24h Rogaining WC in Estonia.

Alexander Afonyushkin[2008-01-21] Alexander Afonyushkin, M40, RUS
Gold in Canada and bronze in Austria, hadn't been training for 10 years after a career in Elite, when he was 3rd in ex-USSR championships. Businessman, he tries to come Spain every year for training camp and wants a medal in Portugal.

Paulina Majova[2008-01-18] Paulina Majova, W55, SVK
She ran 3000m in 9.42, got a silver medal in WMOC 1998, is training methodologist and personal trainer of Marian Davidik. Talks about trips, terrains, courses and defines a "good competition". Doesn’t want medals, only for the podium as W90.

Björn Linnersjö[2008-01-16] Björn Linnersjö, M65, SWE
Since 1958 he has run 2155 events and remembers all them. Has participated 40 times in O-ringen and won 9. Has run Tiomila 17 times and got golden medal in Finland WMOC. Retired Navy officer, he’s restoring a house from 1807.

Lillian Røss[2008-01-15] Lillian Røss, W85, NOR
Swimmer in national team, she discovered orienteering half century ago with maps 1:50.000. Her father said: "Just follow the others and you will be learning by doing". Every day she walks in the woods with her dog and, in winter, she still goes skiing.

Tapio Peippo[2008-01-10] Tapio Peippo, M55, FIN
He was guerrilla trainer in Russian frontier. Won 3 of last 4 Masters and missed the other by m. p. (punching system didn’t work good enough?). Crazy for relays - 2nd in Jukola, 1st in CISM, 20 years on podium with his masters team in Finnish championships.

Elizabeth Brown[2008-01-07] Elizabeth Brown, W90, GBR
In a chasing start she caught the leader but stopped and let her go by. It was in the beginning and she didn’t realize what was happening. She trained hardly for London Marathon 1982. Now, she goes for at least a 2-mile walk every day.

Erkki Luntamo[2008-01-04] Erkki Luntamo, M90, FIN
His first race was in 1931, but the most exciting experience took place during II War: "12 km on marshland and in foggy weather in strict obedience of the compass took 30 hours. Having reached the target I was wounded but the target was also destroyed".

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