Honour Commission

The President of the Portuguese Republic, PhD Aníbal Cavaco Silva, accepted to be the President of WMOC'08 Portugal Honour Commission. Other relevant personalities of the portuguese society already accepted to be a part of the Honour Commission.

The Portuguese Sports and Youth Secretary, Dr. Laurentino José Monteiro de Castro Dias, accepted to be part the WMOC'08 Portugal Honour Commission.

He was born in Fafe (Braga) and he graduated in Law in Coimbra University.

General José Luís Pinto Ramalho is General Chief of the Army Staff.

He was born in Sintra. He is 59 years old and has been in the service for 42 years. He was promoted to his actual rank on 18th December 2006. He took office as Chief of the Army Staff on the same day.

Liutenant-General João Maria de Vasconcelos Piroto, Portuguese Civil Emergency Planning Council, has a degree in Engineering by the Militar Academy, has been in several commander posts and in the head of the military Portuguese forces.
The Civil Emergency Planning is a public and private activity that consists in organising and preparing all the population to be ready in crisis and war situation in a national and international level.
Liutenant-General Leonel Carvalho, Security Cabinet Coordinating, has a degree by the Militar Academy and has been in several commander posts during 44 years of military service.
While General Secretary of the Security Cabinet Coordinating, position that still occupies nowadays, he was the face most known of the preparation of the European Football Championship that took place in Portugal in 2004.

Luís Bettencourt Sardinha, graduated and doctorate in Sport Science, is the President of the Portuguese Sport Institute. Besides this, he is a University professor, Scientific Chairman of the board of the FMH and previous Benfica’s volleyball coach.

The President of the Portuguese Olympic Committe (COP), Commander José Vicente Moura, accepted to be part of the WMOC 2008 Portugal Honour Commission.

Mr. José Vicente Moura has been the COP's President for many years and will lead once more the portuguese mission in the Olympic Summer Games in Pequim 2008.

The President of the Portuguese Sport Confederation (PSC) accepted to be part of the WMOC 2008 Portugal Honour Commission.

Dr. Carlos Paula Cardoso has been the PSC's President for several years. The PSC is a organosation that has as main goal to promote sport.


The President of the International Orienteering Federation, Åke Jacobson, has been actively engaged in all facets of national and international orienteering for more than 30 years, strategically positioning orienteering on the world sporting stage. He has been a member of the IOF Council since 1988 and Vice President since 1992. Åke Jacobson was elected IOF President in 2004.

Åke Jacobson (M.Sc.) is the Managing Director and owner of a group of consultancy companies in forestry, agriculture and natural resource management. The companies operate on the international market, mainly within the development aid sector.
Coronel Abílio Gomes, President of the National Medical Emergency Institute (INEM), has 59 years old and he has a degree in cardiology and he’s an advisor in Portuguese Defense Minister. He works in the Belem Military Hospital beyond being the President of the Portuguese Association for Preventing Heart Diseases.

Dra. Manuela Eanes is the founding and President of the Support to the Child Institute. A private institution of Social Solidarity created in 14 of March of 1983, by a group of people of several professional areas. It has for main goal to contribute for the child development, in the defense and promotion of its rights, being the child faced as citizen with rights in the different areas.

Mário Alberto Freire Moniz Pereira was born in Lisboa on the 11th February 1921. He was a teacher, sports man, athlete, coach and song writer.

He was a "champion maker", from Carlos Lopes and Fernando Mamede to Domingos Castro and Dionísio Castro, athletes that took the name of Portugal higher worldwide.

Mariza Nunes was born in Mozambique on the 16th December 1973 and she is the Portuguese fado singer most known worldwide. She was the only Portuguese singer in Live 8 and the only one who sang in the Carnegie Hall in New York (the most known concert room worldwide), in the Royal Albert Hall in London and in the Disney Concert Hall.

She inspires her music in the poets' words and turns them, with emotion, into beautiful songs, renovating an old music style.

BBC Radio 3 considered her Best European World Music Artist in 2003 and in 2007 she was nominated to a Grammy award.

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