For the WMOC'08 we offer a variety of accommodation. For further details see our Accommodation Entry Form.

Types of Accommodation:

H4 - Hotel **** (FULL)
H3 - Hotel ***
H2 - Hotel **
HC - Holiday Centre
G1 - Hostel 1st category
G2 - Hostel 2nd category
G3 - Hostel 3rd category
B - Bungalow (FULL)
A1 - Apartment - 2 persons
A2 - Apartment - 4 persons (FULL)
A3 - Apartment - 6 persons (FULL)
C1 - Camping (space 35 m2 for tent)
C2 - Camping (space 45 m2 for caravan)
F - On hard floor (Sleeping bag is necessary)

Hotels and Hostels (Pensions) (H4, H3, H2, and G1, G2 G3)

The booking of Hotels and Hostels will be organised by the WMOC'08 Organising Committee, at reduced prices, at your request. If you prefer you could book hotels and hostels (pensions) directly.

To see the list of available hotels and hostels click here.

(B) - FULL

There are bungalows for rent of several types: T0 (2 persons), T1 (2 persons), T2 (4 persons) and T3 (6 persons). The prices go from €55,00 until €75,00/day/bungalow. Limited capacity. It is possible to book dinner (€10,00/person) and breakfast (€5,00/person).

Know more about the bungalows/chalets here.

Holiday Centre (HC)

The booking of the Holiday Centre will be made by the WMOC'08 Organising Committee at your request (limited capacity: 200 persons).

Know more about the Holiday Centre here.

(C1, C2)

The campsites are located at S. Pedro de Moel and Pataias. Reservations for breakfast or dinner can be made in nearby restaurants. Supermarkets nearby. Public transport will be available to the event from the campsite (It is necessary to fill up the Transport Entry Form).

(A1, A2, A3)

At the present moment, we have some apartments and rooms available in Leiria. More information about it here .

The WMOC'08 will be in the most wanted season of the year by the tourists who visit the beautiful beaches of this area. The WMOC'08 Organisation will try to satisfy all requests but, as you must understand, it is not possible to look one by one. So, all athletes who are interested should tell us what are their wishes and the village they intend to stay, pay 10% of the value (estimate) and we will present the best offer as possible.


Will be on Hard Floor in Martingança (Alcobaça), located in the national road 242 (Marinha Grande - Nazaré) and public transportation will be available (it is necessary to fill up the Transport Entry Form). Sleeping bag is necessary.

Gymnasium - Martingança


A deposit of 10% of the accommodation cost and transport cost must be paid together with the entry fees. If the deposit is not received, accommodation and transport booking will be cancelled. All entries and requests must be fully paid until the 1st April 2008.

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