The online entries (recommended method) is available, but, if you prefer, you can use the Entry Form to submit your entries and reserves by ordinary mail, fax or e-mail .
If the payment is done by international banking transfer (the Bank Account data is provided near the end of this page), you should also notify us, to speed up the matching of the transaction with the entries.

Entry Fees:
1st Aug 2007EUR 90EUR 15EUR 10
EUR 110
1st Oct 2007EUR 100EUR 15EUR 10
EUR 120
1st Jan 2008EUR 115EUR 15EUR 10
EUR 135
1st Apr 2008EUR 130EUR 15EUR 10
EUR 150
The Accreditation fee is compulsory. The pack price includes accreditation and fees for both Sprint and Long Distance Championships. All transaction fees must be covered by the applicant. Receipt of other entries will be acknowledged with a confirmation message within 2 weeks or immediately after an online payment.
Payment must be made within 2 weeks of sending the entries. Entries that are not paid within this time it will be cancelled.

Every entry change (category, SI-Card, Club, etc) will be charged with the following fees:
Until 1st April 2008: 2,50EUR.
After 1st April 2008 and until 30th May: 5,00EUR.
Races for Young People and Companions:

Besides the Warm Up and Open Race 1 and 2, which will take place on the 27th of June, 1st and 4th of July, the organisation will also have 3 Open Races on the qualifying days of WMOC'08. These 3 courses recently created, are for giving the opportunity and possibilty to the companions and especially young people to compete in the same conditions as the participants of WMOC'08.
These 3 new possibilites are named respectvely:
1. Open Qualification Sprint, on the 29th of June in the city of Leiria. Starts begin immediately after the last athlete from WMOC'08 departs. Registred people will have a 30 minutes interval of time when they can depart. It will be use the same map of WMOC'08 Qualifying.
2. Open Qualification Pataias number 1 and 2, will take place on the 2st and 3rd of July. Departures will be between 09h30m and 11h30m. The map will be similar to the WMOC'08 Qualifiers, which means the features are more or less the same.
In these 3 courses, as in all Open Races, the athletes will depart freely using the Start station. There will be a classification of each course, each day tough there won't be any prizes for the winners. Sport Ident system will be used. 9 different courses will be available, starting from number 1 till number 9 (as you may see in the image of the Open Races). When registring the entry the following elements must be indicated, namely: Name, Age, Course Number, SI card number. In case of not holding a SI card the same can be rented.

Entry fees for each race:
- Received until 1st April 2008: 10,00€.
- Received after 1st April 2008: 15,00€.

Model Events:
Starting on the 28th June 2008 all competitors may take part in the model event free of charge.
Picture taken from the place where the Model Event will happen.

Warm up and Open races:
Warm up (on the 27th Jun 2008) and Open races (in 1st and 4th Jul 2008) will contain 9 categories with a a range of technical difficulty and length (Easy Short to Difficult Long) with length variable from 2,5 to 7,0 Km.
Entry fees for each event:
- Received until 1st April 2008: 10,00€.
- Received after 1st April 2008: 15,00€.
Bank Account:

BIC/SWIFT: MPIOPTPL - IBAN: PT50 0036 0276 99100022751 95

ADDRESS: Montepio Geral - Agência de Costa da Caparica
Rua Gil Eanes, 2 B, 2825-329 Costa da Caparica

Please identify your bank transfer with your order number or Team Leader name.


If there is a cancellation for any reason, the WMOC'08 Organising Committee reserves the right to retain part or all of the entry fees to cover incurred costs.
Cancellation fees:
- Until 1st August 2007: 10%.
- Until 1st October 2007: 15%.
- Until 1st January 2008: 20%.
- Until 1st April 2008: 30%.
- After 1st April 2008: 100%.

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